Support And Maintenance


Reduce Total Cost Of Ownership

For reducing software system’s total cost of ownership (TCO), ensuring useful improvements and optimizing steps, professional maintenance and support is indispensible. It is not confined to any particular unit or module but the aim is to make entire IT infrastructure less expensive and smooth.


Our industrious team having cutting-edge technology tendencies delivers out of the box solutions for the problems of your software. We assure you maximum up-time of your application. And it’s our guarantee that your application will meet all the industry standards. We are offering various packages for maintenance and support services and you can choose for the service you need and can save your cost.

We provide all-round support – from impartial software assessment and consultancy IT system maintenance round the clock.

Dynovative Technologies provides services for coping with the challenges that your software faces

Perfect and corrective maintenance

Dynovative Technologies customizes your solution by tackling minor and major issues that minimizes functionality and system performance.

Adaptive maintenance

Adaptive maintenance service delivered by Dynovative Technologies enables your software and hardware to work smoothly in the new environment.

Scheduled maintenance

Dynovative Technologies provides scheduled maintenance to keep you ahead of your competitor by keeping you updated with the new interventions in the market.

Dynovative Technologies

Dynovative Technologies helps in optimizing IT costs and frees your company staff from routine tasks